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No. of virtual users in Quest BMF 6.1.1 ??



I have been using Quest BMF from past four years and I am a big fan of this product. I use it mainly to validate performance of storages such as EMC products Celerra/ ClaRiiOn and various other products.
I was reading about the latest release notes of ver 6.1.1. It seems that this version will support only upto 2500 concurrent users and only upto 5 agents… We used to simulate tests upto 12000 to 15000 users on previous versions of BMF. Does it mean that I have to look out for some other products ?
Also, we have license keys for version 5.8.1. Why does the same license key does not work on 6.1.1 ?



Hi Shashi,
Q1: BMF could simulate unlimit concurrent users, this is depend on the virtual user key, if you have a unlimit virtual user key, you can simulate a lot of concurrent users.
Q2: you should re-enter the license keys of 5.8.1 to 6.1.1, then re-open BMF. if this doesn’t work, you should contract the Quest support to resolve this issues.