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No text to run...



In SqlNav, I connect to 2 database sessions. In the first session, I select a package in the DB Navigator and press [CTRL]-D to extract the package code (and press [ENTER] to confirm the settings). I now - for the code editor window that contains the package code - change the session (drop down box top left) to the second database session. Now, if I press [F9] (to execute/run the contents of the code editor, i.e. the package code), I get the message “No text to run” in the output window (see screenshot).

The above does not happen always - but very often. A workaround is (for instance) to press [F9] a second time. (96.9 KB)


Hi Dominique,

I believe this is a timing issue with the parser. When you press F9, the parser hadn’t finished parsing the script so it gives the error. Nonetheless, we have fixed this issue in our internal build. Please chec it when the next beta release is available. Many thanks.




The problem is still there with build, I’m afraid, but it does not seem to occur that often anymore (only one time this week).
Then again, methinks this is not the kind of problem that needs another beta build :wink:


Did it happen when you did the same steps as before?



Yes. It only happened once, though - and I perform the procedure ~10 times a day.