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"Not enough storage is available to process this command" upon closing NAV


Version: beta (1749 applicable too)
OS: Windows XP SP3
DB: Oracle ( too)

Each, and every, time SQL Nav is closed, a message box pops up that says, “Not enough storage is available to process this command.”

It even occurs when one opens the application and closes it immediately. Is there a setting I missed?



Hi Michael,


  1.   Is this problem only happen in 6.3?  Do you have any previous version installed and test it using the same steps?  Can you also provide the steps for us to replicate this problem?
  2.   Can you try to open 6.3 do nothing then close the application and see you still have the same problem?
  3.   Is there any error message in Event Viewer related to this problem?
  4.   How much free disk space do you have? 


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Hi Jeff,

  1. It happens in both 6.3 betas I have installed. I do have also installed. It also happens in that version, too. As described originally, I can simply open the application and close it after logging into a database, and the error will be displayed. This happens every time SQL Nav is used.

  2. If I choose to cancel out of logging into a database, and then close the application without logging in, the error does not occur.

  3. There is nothing in Event Viewer related to it.

  4. I have 97.3 GB of free disk space.



Hi Michael,

Please try to ues “Quest SQL Tracker”(Monitoring Tool) that come with SQL Navigator and monitor the SQLs statement during logging into database. Then try to execute these SQLs in SQL Plus and see if you can find out which SQL statement cause this message.

Hope this help :slight_smile:


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Hi Jeff,

There wasn’t any data generated by SQL Tracker. I started the program, opened up SQL Nav, went to SQL Tracker and began logging that instance of SQL Nav, then logged into the database and ran a short SELECT statement. I closed SQL Nav, then went to SQL Tracker and stopped the logging. When I click “stop” it generates an error:

“Cannot stop monitoring.” "Failed to open process for injection; action=[2]; error=87 (The parameter is incorrect.)

There are two files that were created: output_settings.smn and ui_settings.smn. Neither has any SQL-related data.

I did the same thing with SQL Plus, and it does generate a file, however when I stop monitoring it throws the same error.

The odd thing is, I suddenly do not have the “not enough storage” error!

Any thoughts?



Hi Michael,

Is that mean you won’t see “Not enough storage is available to process this command.” any more when you close SQL Nav?

There is a articale on you may want to try out yourself when it happen again.



Interesting article, Jeff.

Yes, there is no error now. I’m not sure what happened, but by opening SQL Tracker and starting it, the SQL Nav error went away.