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Notes on 6.2 beta build 1332


tried it out, some observations (sorry, if some are already reported)

1.when in table data editing mode
(select * from table)
right-click on cell does include “Copy” but doesn’t include “Paste”.

  • select * from table
  • click back to the sql statement
  • right-click back to the results - even when click on an unmarked cell the cell is marked as selected but “Copy” is disabled until another left click. Things get more complicated when updatable is “ON” - after the first edit even another left-click won’t help because it tries to edit the field and copy is disabled again. Only Esc will restore the copy possibility

3.ctrl+enter should open body, not spec if ctrl+enter is pressed on package.procedure (eg procedure exists) (maybe exception on some sys packages, where body is wrapped or when body not available at all (other schema and no dba rights) - then spec is fine). ctrl+enter on just a package name without procedure might also open spec. I remember a discussion on the same topic not very long ago, but i couldn’t find it now. I understand opening spec is more “correct”, but opening body would be much more convenient and useful for a developer. Maybe an option “open body when possible”? Or at least, when ctrl+enter on package.procedure opens spec and the correct procedure is highlighted, when clicking on (unpeeked) body it should jump to the same (highlighted) procedure

4.formatting options -> case -> keywords and -> builtins are set to “lowercase” - and preferences => code editor => general => keywords to Uppercase is not checked. Still code completion offers keywords in uppercase

5.ctrl+A does not select anything in cell editor 2 packages in one code editor, and scroll one down using mouse wheel or scrollbar. Switch to another window in the same code editor. Switch back - the screen dispays the cursor position, not the place i scrolled to (note - when i switch to something outside the code editor - find objects for example - then switching back remembers the window position correctly)

  1. username@connection on taskbar on code editor buttons makes some sense when “Allow multi Code Editor windows per Session” is not checked. You anyway had to click on it to see what programs are open. Still only useful when multiple connections open.
    But now, when “Allow multi Code Editor windows per Session” is checked, it’s a nightmare… i have ten code editors open, all labeled “username@connection” (the rest just doesn’t fit on the button)… there has to be a better solution on this



1 & 5: we used to have these items in 5.5 but they couldn’t be implemented because of the way the data grid was done (user had to press F2, space to unlock the cell). Now that we restored the one-click action for the cells, we maybe able to bring these back. I raised an enhancement request for it.

  1. will be fixed

  2. enhancement request raised

  3. CR raised

  4. CR raised

7.will discuss with Bruce to see what we can do.

  1. Initially, we didn’t include username@connection but users that have a few connections will have troubles. Although they can tell the name of the objects, it’s hard to find out which session does the object belong to especially when they don’t have sqlnavigator tree open.


regarding 7.
users with one or two connections with long enough connection names (and General -> Session -> Allow multi Code Editor windows per Session checked) don’t see at all what’s open or not.
See the attached image. Currently here there are two open connections - one has three packages open and the other - one. i can only see first three letters of the object (“L_L”, “POS” and “TOO”) - and no name at all for the second connection (because even the connection name won’t fit). Now usually i run one connection in one sqlnavigator instance with 15-20 objects open. I hope you imagine how “useful” the taskbar looks like…
As General -> Task Bar -> Order Taskbar Items by Session is checked (is there anybody who hasn’t?), could it be possible to make one static text on taskbar with connection name and other windows with the same connection following it WITHOUT the session name?



Hi Andres,

That sounds like a good solution. I will raise a request so we can improve this in the next version. Thanks.