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Hi All!

We’ve just received first feedback and some great suggestions on our instructional movies. Thanks very much!

We’ve been wondering if the movies are clear, illustrative, explanatory enough, helpful… Simply, if you enjoy them. Possibly, you miss something or anything… And it’s good to know… (There’s still a lot to be improved until me or Vaclav are awarded some Oscars… ). So do not hesitate to write us! Tell us what you think of our flash movies (and take part in the poll)!

At the moment, the movies + some brief documentation are the only source of information on TDM 3 (for the time being, of course). Anyway, as you may have noticed, there are 17 movies available now, and I must admit, it can be difficult for you to decide where to start…

All in TDM 3 is new and there are plenty of great new features we’d like to show to you. It’s hard to strictly divide the movies into categories… Anyway, we’ve added a [note] next to a title of some of the movies, which might help you a little:

[Getting Started 1…3] - Movies that you should start with. Please follow the numbers.
*Examples:*TDM 3 Interface [Getting Started 1]
Reverse Engineering [Getting Started 2]
Creating ER Diagram [Getting Started 3]

[Recommended!] - Movies where some great features are shown. As I’ve written above, TDM 3 is ALL new, however we’d like to draw your attention particularly to some of its features.
*Example:*Modeless Dialogs…

[Best Practices] - Movies where some quick and helpful tips and hints are given.
*Example:*Add, Edit Attributes

[Must See!] movies show some exceptional feature that you definitely should know about.
*Example:*Customization of Forms

All the movies are available in the Library at:

Thanks for your support!

Vladka & TDM Team