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Notification on SQL completion

How to set the feature where I can know that my SQL has completed. I often run large
queries that take several minutes or hours and have no way of knowing
when complete other than periodically checking the toad window. Is
there a setting I'm missing for some sort of notification or toaster I
can turn on?

If you look in the lower right corner of Toad, there is an animation that runs when a threaded query is still executing. So assuming that you only have one long-running SQL, you could just glance down there to see if it stopped.

Another Option is: Main menu: View -> Query Viewer. You could just leave that window open.

You can click the Toad icon on top-left as shown below to pop the window outside of Toad, then put it someplace where it won't get in the way and you can just look in the Status column to see when it finishes.

Thanks for the information. the solution is not the one which I am looking for. I don't want to keep watching the toad window to check the status. This option was there in previous versions.

Looking for marked kind of notification. this notification will appear when I am working on another application. I have taken the screen shot from my old version of TOAD

I had no idea Toad did that before. This was an unintentional change, due to an intentional change for something else. You can restore old behavior by closing Toad, and adding this under the [SETTINGS] section of Toad.ini:


There are some directions here on how to find Toad.ini

I have logged this as a bug in our internal bug tracking system and will hopefully fix for version 14.2.


Thanks you very much John. Hope changing the ini setting will not effect any other performance issues.

Could you inform what is the expected release date for 14.2?

The 14.2 beta (with this bug fixed) is available now. You can get it here. Most of our changes in Toad have been bug fixes, so I don't think the beta is "risky". You can see the change log by scrolling down on that page.

The official release date for 14.2 will be in June.