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2 suggestions about Object details
a. In Object Explorer [OE], in eg. table context menu there are 2 items that brings the same functionality: [see attached screen] - View Details and Object Details. Imho should be named the same.

b. Could you make F4 key also working in OE [to bring Object Details]? Currently it works only in code editor, but I’m all the time try to use as it works in Toad for Oracle - also in OE.



I created CR 106486 to track renaming issue.

As for the 2nd issue - I’ve just checked and made sure that F4 works the same way in both Editor and Object Explorer. Are you sure Object Explorer had focus when you pressed F4?




Yes, I’m sure.



I was able to reproduce it in the sinle scenario:

  1. Open editor
  2. Type any SQL statement containing reference to non-existing object e.g.,

select * from SomeTable


drop table SomeTable

If there is no table SomeTable and some object is selected in the Object Explorer, then I’m getting the error you’ve mentioned. After clearing a text in the editor and selecting some object in the Object Explorer F4 starts working as expected.

Is this also your scenario? If not, please provide more details.



I created 106518 for the F4 issue but would like more details.



Ok, step by step:

  1. Open any file [containing sql ;)]
  2. place cursor on empty space [as shown on screen]
  3. click any object at Object Explorer
  4. click F4.
    at this place, I get ‘No object found…’



Details rule :slight_smile:

I’m about to create a CR to track this problem.