Object Explorer shortcuts or startup position

When I connect to my primary business database, the Object Explorer fills in with a few different things (using treeview). Namely, the uppermost level are usernames. After the connection is made, my username is selected and expanded. Unfortunately, there is nothing interesting in there for me (heh, story of my life). However, the tables that I access are all stored under a few different usernames. It would be cool if I could make some shortcuts to those usernames so I could quickly get to those spots without having to scroll and click and expand yada yada yada. Also, it would be cool if there was an option to set some location as my startup location. Then whenever that connection is made, the Object Explorer would automatically go to that location in the tree.

Just a thought.

I would suggest using table and schema/database filters. Each connection type has filters implemented for that platform. See screenshot.

That was very helpful, except the screen shot you provided does not look like my filter dialog. But I figured it out using a custom sql statement.