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Object Explorer View Details Issue


In all versions of the 3.5 beta (including version clicking View Details on any object forces the Navigation Manager to open. In my setup, I prefer to have the Navigation Manager closed and use the Object Explorer to view the database tree. If I double-click (or right-click and select View Details), say, a table, the Navigation Manager will open next to the Object Explorer, thus, I have to close the NM again. This was an issue early in the 3.4 beta as well, and it was corrected fairly quickly. Could someone look at this before 3.5 final is released? Thanks.


Thank you for reporting. We will look into it. QAT-2003 was created to track it.



To itlnstln

Thank you for posting in Toad World. I would like to present a workaround which would prevent the re-appearance of the Navigation Manager when clicking View Details for objects.


  1. Select Tools -> Configuration Wizard
  2. Select a configuration different from “Toad Data Point 3.0.” I chose: Toad for Oracle
  3. A popup may appear. Restart Toad Data Point to apply all the changes.
  4. Now Toad Data Point will not have the Navigation Manager reappear!

In the meantime, we believe this enhancement should also be present during the default Toad Data Point Layout Configuration, and hope to have this implemented soon.

Thanks again for posting in Toad World!

Software Associate Developer I

-Joshua Liong