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Observed Issues after 1st encounter with 786


This is how I felt when having had a issue fixed in 786 which cropped up in I discoverd what may be blunders.

Unified Editor

F3 no longer browses data in the UE Nor the Navigator - ctrl-e still works
hit a lettter in the Navigator and teh focus jumps to an the next avaliable object or class of object being displayed. Do the sam in UE and …you get a beep - Cool!

CLOB / BLOB columns not discriminated i.e. both show up as LOB - not cool

LOB always in upper case so now the only way to determine if there is no data is to actually open the LOB editor.

XML data formatting gets lost - it all appears as one long line of text in the XML editor.

Off to a meeting now more later


Hi Al, and thanks for the feedback!!

  1. We are aware of F3 not working for Quick Browse in the UE. There is already a CR for this in the system.
    F3 is still working for ‘Quick Browse’ in the DB Navigator though (I just double checked it - and it is working for me in 786).

  2. We are also aware of the single letter navigation/find not working in the DB Explorer. There is a CR in the system for this too.

  3. The CLOB/BLOB showing up as LOB is definitely not cool… but we are aware of this too. There is a CR for this.

  4. I wasn’t aware of the LOB with no data being shown in upper case in the UE… I will log a CR for this one!!

  5. You are the second person to note the loss of formatting in the XML data, and it appearing as one long line.
    We have been unable to replicate this issue (and believe me we’ve tried). If you can provide any more information on how, when, where and why you get this, we would be most grateful.

Hope your meeting went well.

  • Jaime -


Meeting went very well thankyou.

My PC only has an ORACLE 10g client on it. Certain issues we have noticed and logged with support re v5.5.2.742 only mainifest in this configuration (OS is XP Pro fully service packed). If the 9i client is installed SQL Nav will use 9i components even if the oracle home is set to 10g.

In the above configuration F3 does not work in the navigator.

Can you do something about the fonts which are used in the UE having a consistent look and feel is very comforting, also for whatever reason, I feel the list of objects being on the left side of the UE is wrong and feels uncomfortable under the mouse.

I will spend some time having a good look around the application and see what drops out.

A really really nice to have is a PL/SQL editor which does what the editor in TOAD 9 does i.e. allows one to collapse iterative and conditional blocks of code. very very very cool indeed. was a main reason for concidering TOAD over Nav for us. But I still prefer Nav.


You can switch the editor and explorer around…
As per the attachment, there is a context menu option in the editor pane…
Tools Pane > Left or Right.

  • Jaime -


There is code collapsing in the UE…
Context menu option (over the SQL editor):
Collapsing > Collapse Code / Uncollapse Code
(refer to the attachment)

Can you check this functionality out, and see how it compares to your requirement?

  • Jaime -


Can you be a little more specific about the font inconsistencies…
Perhaps a screen shot pinpointing the inconsistencies?

  • Jaime -