ODBC text field cropped

I am using Toad Datapoint and noticing that one of my ODBC connecting works but unfortunately all of the text fields are cropped to just the first 3 characters.

I tried the same driver on two other applications and do not experience this behaviour. Is there a settings in Toad Datapoint to prevent this from happening?

Note that I also have another issue with the SAS ODBC drivers where sometimes I receive gibberish returned while other times it is showing proper text characters.


  1. Which ODBC driver that has croppped to just the first 3 characters problem? And what database are you trying to connect.
  2. What version are you using for SAS ODBC driver, what kind of database are you trying to connect?
    Can you try to use Beta to see if these issues still happen, please? thanks. You can download Beta from here Toad Data Point 5.0 Beta Program

Seems to be fixed now with the cropped 3 characters, I provided the details to our developers and they updated their ODBC drivers to resolve it.

For SAS ODBC, I am using version 9.405.00.17257