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old aliases message box


Some advice for this message box (reverse engineering aliases)

I think there should be “Do You want to import them?”

“Old versions will be removed” means that they will be removed in any case.
But they aren’t.
Maybe a change to “Clicking on no will remove all old aliases.”
Set_Create_Tablespace.js (1.21 KB)



See the Release Notes on Beta Let me quote this part:

  1. New default path to aliases is set in this Beta version. Now it is:
    C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Toad Data Modeler\Aliases BETA
    (Used to be:
    C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\Toad Data Modeler\Aliases)

  2. Aliases that you will create in new Beta version will have extension .txa.
    (Used to be .tta.)

  3. Already existing aliases will be copied to new Aliases BETA directory automatically.
    If you store your aliases in another location than Aliases directory, please copy them to new directory Aliases BETA before you open the new RE Wizard.
    After you open RE Wizard, the following message appears:
    ‘The message you posted.’

Select Yes to load the old aliases to the Stored Aliases section in the RE Wizard.





Sorry arki for my previous reply. I read your message on the fly and thought you needed some more infomation on this. Sorry. :slight_smile:

Yes, you’re right. The message is not clear. Here’s a new version of this message (will be available in next Beta):

Aliases in old .tta format have been found. Do you want to convert them to a new .txa format?
If you click ‘Yes’, you will not be able to use the aliases in older versions of TDM3.

Yes No

I hope it’s better now. :wink: