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old issue resurfacing

Quest added a keep alive to keep a session alive by passing a select x from dual every x min in the background. This has added a lot of stability to sql nav for my development teams for coding during the day. However, if they are logged on too long with no activity – then our oracle server cuts the connection. Developers try to re-establish a connection to oracle using session / re-connect but it is often grayed out and they have to restart sql nav. Please take a look at the session / reconnect and see if you can re-establish a connection or connect a new session without the developers having to restart sql nav.

Hi Henry

You are right, I think we have missed this.
I have raised PT49634581 we will fix this soon.

Hi Henry

Sorry I have to take back what I said this actually works. It was my error in my testing.

Can you please check if you have the preference set to enable this feature?
Go to View\Preferences
Then go to general\session\ and you will see ‘Keep existing session alive’
Ensure the box is ticked.
Below that you will see : Issuing ‘select * from dual’ every interval (minute)
Enter the interval you would like this to run. example if you but 30, it will issue the select every 30 minutes.

If you run SQL Tracker to monitor the DQL Navigtaor process, you will see something like this appear every interval (in minutes) that you specified.

Timestamp: 14/05/2013 10:32:34 AM

select 1 from dual

Elapsed time: 0.001

If you continue to have problems, please let me know.