On Help Vampires


Good article except for one thing:

“ Note that I use ‘he’ here in the general sense even though
Help Vampires are almost exclusively male. ”

I don’t know about others, but I’ve got female “Help
Vampires” spread in my life. My niece was staying with me for a couple
years while she did post-secondary education. It’s amazing how many home
projects she thought of for me to do.

As an individual that likes to help, I think I’m fairly qualified to spot
those that are attempting to get me to do something they want done when asked :wink:

So… I’ll accept that there’s far fewer women “IT Help
Vampires”, but then there’s also far fewer women in IT – as
much as I’d personally enjoy a much larger portion of IT being women,
there is reality to face. However, a “Help Vampire” isn’t a
species restricted to IT.

Roger S.