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Only one user executed certain operations


I’d like to create a test where one user runs a set of queries(looping a number of times) while the rest(let’s say 99 users) will run different queries. In other words, I’d like to assign specific tasks(a sequence of queries) to specific users. I am using Benchmark Factory 7.1.1

If I understand you correctly creating a custom replay test is what you will need to do. Create a new job and set the drop down for the type to Custom Test.

Then add the user scenarios (if you want the virtual user(s) to execute the transactions in a set order, or just create a single SQL Statement if the virtual user(s) will just execute a single statement. You can then adjust the number of virtual users to execute the user scenarios/transactions and whether to run them multiple times.

custom transactions in replay.jpeg

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi Kevin,

I’ll give it a try.