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1.I would request that the list types that appears in the “File->Open File” and “view differences Script Open” to be available also in “code editor open file”
2. include in the list pkb, pks extensions (standards used for package spec and body)
3. include also a file type (I would suggest default) that would include several of “standard” used extension for sql files.



1.2. Enhancement request raised

  1. I’m not sure I understand this request. Please elaborate more.


  1. an entry named for instance “all SQL files” or “all PL/SQL Files” with
    *.sql, *.pdb, *.pks, *. … as the selected extensions (having all the extensions minus the Java, txt and HTML ones)



I prefer to explicitely select the extension as we use for package specification pka here. Furthermore please add this to an option for the silent installer.



For silent installation, please refer to SQL Navigator silent installation notes -

You can extract the SQL Navigator msi from the product bundles then run the msi silently. The workflow is not ideal but it is the work around for now.
We have also submitted the request to our Quest Installer team to provide the option to run the product bundles silently for you.

Hope that the info would help.

Thanks and regards,


I know the silent install option, but actually i don’t have an option to say which extensions should be linked to sql navigator with silent installation.



If you wish to run the msi silently to set the fileextension using SQL_EXTENSION switch, you can use the following command:


msiexec.exe /i"c:\temp\sqlnavfile.msi" /q /l*v"C:\sqlnavfile.msi.log" INSTALLDIR=“C:\ProgramFiles\Quest Software\SQL Navigator for Oracle” ADDLOCAL="Full,Client,Server"SQL_EXTENSION=“TRUE”

Please note, after installing SQL Navigator whether usingthe installer .exe or msi, the first time you run SQL Navigator 6.2, ifregistry key ‘HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Quest Software\SQL Navigator x.x.x\Tutorials\FileExtAss’does not exist, you will be ALWAYS prompted ONCE if you wish to associate . sqlfiles with SQL Navigator. You can always go back to set this option using thePreference window.


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Hi just to say that TOAD has something similar to my 3) sugestion