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Is there a way we can look at the list of the issues you are still working on? There are a couple things that are still issues in 7.0, but I’m not sure if you thought were fixed, or if they haven’t been fixed yet.
A few that I see are still issues in 7.0:
PT#54587106 Sesson re-connect message
PT#51779207 Single-row when no records
PT#54659546 Single-row view holding place
PT#50492207 Single-row view sort



Hi Charlie,

All the issues you listed above are still in the to do list for us and will not be targeted in v7.0, we are very sorry about that, but as you know v7.0 is a completely new version we got some other more urgent issues than these ones, so we would like to target them for 7.1 release soon, hope that we can get your understanding Charlie, thank you so much for your support for SQLNavigator all the way, thanks.

Best Regards,