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Open package and update, alter object and commit, lost change in package


this problem was caused with the following actions:

  1. open package ‘a’ and update its content (forgot to commit to db);
  2. alter an object ‘b’ (such as table) it was used in package ‘a’;
  3. during saving this object, all programs related to object ‘b’ were recompiled(include package ‘a’);
  4. all change in package ‘a’ was lost - crazy

this problem appears in 6.2.1 too. Sometime a dialog displays to let me choose ‘reload the package’ with yes or no. no matter what i chose, it must reload and lost all change.

i hope you can fix this problem as i was trapped many time carelessly.


Hi Kent,

I tried your steps but in 3) the package was not recompiled or reloaded after I saved the procedure. I could just see the status of the package became invalid and I had to recompiled it manually and I didn’t lose the changes.

How did you save the object ‘b’ and did you perform any extra actions that might force to recompile and reload its dependants?




Please set the related Preferences and try again.



Hi Kent,

Yes indeed, we have a problem here that must be fixed. It’s too late to include the fix into 6.3 as we are at the late stage of QA and this is not a regression, but it will be fixed after 6.3.