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Opening new SQL Editor


Seems that 6.0 always opens a new tab in an open code editor. Is there any way to open another editor instead? Sometimes it’s nice to be able to compare things side-by-side.




Hi Joe,

Although we don’t have this functionality, you can compare things side by side by using View Difference (located inside the Tool menu). However we will take your point in consideration for futher enhancement.



Hi Joe,

In fact we have an option to split the editor window horizontally or vertically, so you can browse (and compare) two different objects/files side-by-side. This can be done either from the toolbar (button that shows a split rectangle) or from the right-click menu (Split/Compare submenu). Hope this feature is what you are loooking for.



The split is a nice option, but it would also be nice to have more than one window if you prefer.

BTW, is there a hot key to move between tabs?



Yes, you surely can. Use F6 and Shift+f6 to move between tab. For more information, right click on the tab.

Hope this helps


As the new editor is session specific, new editors for the same session will always open in a new tab rather than a new editor…

So, with this in mind, if you really want a 2nd editor opened for the same session, you can simply create a new (2nd) session with the same connection details.
This will result in two editors being open (for the same session).

But, I think the split window functionality is the better way to go… once you’re used to it.

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yeah, I thought about that. OK, what about this: is there a way to hot key between tabs? In Excel, for instance, you can Ctrl-Page up/down

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So, splitting does fine if you’re comparing code, but what if you want to compare results? That doesn’t seem to split?