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Optimizer 6 hangs Toad at midday if optimizing a query


Boy, this is annoying!!!

Toad (9.1) becomes totally unreachable if I am optimizing a query in Optimizer 6 at midday.

The only resolution is to kill Toad and I lose all my querys, new passwords, new sessions etc. Nothing is recoverable. Nothing (from the last session) is in the query history.

The only thing strange is at midday, all internet browsers here freeze for about 30 seconds.

Any Ideas?



First of all, I feel sorry that the Optimizer 6 brings you trouble you described.

As you described the problem only happens during midday, my initial thinking would go to any scheduled jobs. It may be some jobs competing resources with the Optimizer causing Toad frozen. If you have any Windows job scheduled at around the same time, you may try reschedule them to a different time to see if it solved the problem or changed the time the problem occurs.

And alternatively, I suggest you try the new version of SQL Optimizer version 7.3. This version is a standalone version that can run totally independent of Toad. So in the worst case even if the Optimizer 7 still hanged, it would not affect your Toad session.

Let me know if you have any further questions.


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Thanks for the reply

I have nothing scheduled. It is a site-wide issue at midday that no ops support person can adequately explain.

I am applying for a support login to download Toad and SQL Optimizer updates.

Is it possible to install more than one licence key (say Otimizer and debugger) at the same time rather than continually swapping between the 2?

(BTW the upgrade seems to have done the trick - thanks - actually it’s fixed the problem with the licence keys as well :wink:

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Sorry not be able to reply you earlier… was travelling last week.

Anyway, it seems like you have the problem solved. Do let me know if you have further questions.