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Optimizer not providing optimizations

Old desktop: Windows 7, Toad for Oracle Xpert v 12.1 with DB Admin Module. Simple query, Optimization works fine when run in Toad for Oracle Editor Window. 400 rewrites checked, 53 to be tested, many better alternatives found already.

New desktop: OSX El Capitan with Crossover, Toad for Oracle Xpert 12.10 with DB Admin module. Same query, optimization fails as follows.

When run from Toad for Oracle Editor Window:
“No better alternatives found” 0 of 0 tested. (1 rewrites checked)

When run from Dell SQL Optimizer for Oracle 9.2.1 window, error “Failed to retrieve scenario explain plan” OLE 80004001 (even though I generated an Explain Plan under Toad.


Hi James,

Since the problem you have seems to be related to getting plan, you may check in SQL Optimizer for Oracle the Options window, look under the General | Options page to see if you have specified a plan table there. If so, double check if the plan table can be used to get plan and its definition is correpsonding to the version of Oracle. Or, try change the option to allow SQL Optimizer to create plan table automatically and then try get plan again (after existing the application and restart).

If this doesn’t help, use a simple SQL and try get plan again to see if the problem is related to your SQL. Then try use SQL Tracker to minitor what SQL is executed when you get plan in SQL Optimizer. Send the log and I can have a closer look for you. Alternatives, if you would prefer to send the log privately, you may contact Support and ask them open a case for you with the log provided.