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Option to ignore database version for syncing


Recently I’ve come across a feature that would be awesome. I wish there
was a way to tell TOAD to ignore the database version when doing a
synchronization script. I’ve got a SQL server 2008 R2 that I’m syncing
with a SQL Server 2008 SP2 (which are pretty damn close). I just want to see
the differences and make a sync script. I can deal with any issues but since
we write most of our stuff targeting 2008 it would be nice to not have to
manually do it all the time. Or at least give me the option to ignore when
using a snapshot.

Charles Haines
Senior Software Developer
P: (410) 535-5590 x1196

Recorded Books, LLC


Hello Charles,

Thank you for your attention.

I implement downgrade feature you telling about. No options required –just
compare&sync in standard way. After compare you can see downgrade
synchronization problems in Messages grid.

Best regards,