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ORA-02005 with SQLNav



If I execute the statement below in a code editor window, I get the message “ORA-02005: implicit (-1) length not valid for this bind or define datatype” in the output pane (scan defines is OFF).

FROM v$datafile;


Hi Dominique

With Sys (as sysdba) I couldn’t reproduce your error. (I tryed with DBA views enables and disabled)

Regards and merry Christmas to all!



I did this using a user with DBA-role - but then again, I get the same error with the statement “select * from dual” (the select against v$datafiles just happened to be the first thing I entered).

Oh, and this is all against a 64bit DB (using a client, AFAIK). Against an 32bit DB ( client), all is well. And against the 64bit DB, but with a client, all is well, too.

More information: I installed 6.5beta next to a 5.5.4 and a 6.4. Starting up took ages (at least a half hour before I got to see the window) and consumed 1 CPU core doing so (I think I have mentioned this problem earlier, but cannot find it right now). I followed the suggestion to take over the settings of 6.4.

Edit: found the previous mention here



I’m using a 11.1 client against and Databases.

I didn’t import preferences from previous releases to 6.5 beta.

So maybe it’s the client or the preferences import…



Hi Dominique,

I’ve made some changes, please try the next build.

Thank you,


This is fixed in, AFAICS. Thx.