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ORA-12704 when comparing SYS_REFCURSOR to expected query



I recently went through the quick start guide on comparing expected results to ref curosr variables, and everything worked correctly. However, when I tried to apply the same approach to one of my own procedures, I received an “ORA-12704: character set mismatch” at compile time. The query I am attempting to run works just fine through sql*plus:

WHERE EMPLOYEEID = ‘0000011111’

The compile is failing on

           OPEN CV FOR
                 SELECT 1
                   FROM DUAL
                  WHERE EXISTS
                           ( (SELECT *
                                FROM TABLE (Q##1015536677#NTF)
                              SELECT EMPLOYEEID, SURNAME
                                FROM MYSCHEMA.MYTABLE
                               WHERE EMPLOYEEID = '0000011111')
                            UNION ALL
                            (SELECT EMPLOYEEID, SURNAME
                                FROM MYSCHEMA.MYTABLE
                               WHERE EMPLOYEEID = '0000011111'
                             SELECT *
                               FROM TABLE (Q##1015536677#NTF)));

The procedure IN parameters are both declared as CHAR(32767) in Quest Code Tester. The expected results type is a ‘Query’ with the above query inserted. The “Evaluate string as expression” box is not checked. I am out of ideas as to why the generation of the “quick start” test case works and my test case does not. Any thoughts?


Can you please provide the structure of the table - what are the types of EMPLOYEEID and SURNAME?


Besides answering my previous question, could you please create a support bundle when you get this error, make sure that it includes the program you are testing, and send it to me:

Thanks, SF


Thank you for your response. The table info is as follows:

Surname: NVARCHAR2(64)
Employeeid: NVARCHAR2(50)

I will send the remaining information as requested.


To finish up this thread, the problem is that we are using DBMS_DESCRIBE to get column datatypes and NVARCHAR2 columns are “revealed” to be VARCHAR2. Leading to this bug. We are now in 1.8.4 providing you with a way to override the default type conversion and specify your own, via a comment in the outcome initialization code.