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ORA-24381 when installing 1.9.1 repository with SQL*Plus


Hi Steven

Windows XP SP3

When I install the 1.9.1 repository with SQL*Plus I get the following error for the last block in the qu_install.sql installation script:

ORA-24381: error(s) in array DML
ORA-06512: at line 1
ORA-06512: at “QCTO191.QU_RUNTIME”, line 2064
ORA-06512: at “QCTO191.QU_RUNTIME”, line 2087
ORA-06512: at “QCTO191.QU_ATTRIBUTES_CP”, line 1063
ORA-24381: error(s) in array DML
ORA-06512: at “QCTO191.QU_HARNESS_XP”, line 4810
ORA-06512: at line 3

This happens in the block:

– Create the implicit harness and test elements.

If I install the repository with the GUI there is no trace of this error in the qu_install.log file generated. However, I need to automate the installation and the GUI asks for username, password etc, even though I specify these on the command line:

QuestCodeTesterOracle.exe /u=usr /p=pwd /d=tns /m=z

So I need to use SQLPlus. Are there any specific settings I need to use with SQLPlus for qu_install.sql? I’m aware that I set to run it with “set scan off”.

Thanks in advance.




I do not see how changing SQL Plus settings will make a difference here. Could you please send me the contents of your qu_err_instance and qu_err_context tables?

Thanks, SF



One other thing to check: can you see if there is a row in the qu_harness table with harness_owner = IMPLICIT.

If so, then you may just be getting a dup val on index and it is actually OK.



Hi Steven

Thanks for your replies and sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I use Google Reader to keep me updated on this forum and unfortunately it’s not that reliable.

QU_ERR_INSTANCE has 119 rows with:

ERROR_STACK: ORA-06512: at “QCTO191.QU_ATTRIBUTES_CP”, line 873
CALL_STACK: ----- PL/SQL Call Stack -----
object line object
handle number name
27EAB45C 1685 package body QCTO191.QU_RUNTIME
27EAB45C 1782 package body QCTO191.QU_RUNTIME
27F65DA8 911 package body QCTO191.QU_ATTRIBUTES_CP
29AEDEC4 4810 package body QCTO191.QU_HARNESS_XP
27DE62EC 3 anonymous block
SYSTEM_ERROR_MESSAGE: ORA-24381: error(s) in array DML

I can confirm that there is one row in QU_HARNESS and that HARNESS_OWNER = ‘IMPLICIT’.

Thanks a lot.



And have you tried using that installation of Code Tester? Besides getting this error, do you have an indication that there is a problem with your installation?



I can confirm that I get the exact same errors in QU_ERR_INSTANCE if I install the repository through the GUI. So I guess these errors can be safely ignored.

The front end isn’t working properly on Windows 7 64-bit but I believe this is a separate issue and I’ll log that with support. Running the front end on Windows XP SP3 against the same repository it works fine.

Thanks for your help.

Cheers Finn