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CAN Toad get Oracle license numbers and inventory via reporting tools?

get Oracle license numbers
What exactly do you mean by that … where you can get that info in ORACLE_HOME. If you mean by number of connections (very rear today) let us know …

inventory via reporting tools

There is a query which may help you:
select comments, version, bundle_series
from sys.registry$history
where bundle_series = ‘PSU’
order by action_time;

And create your own reports … just a few clicks to make that.



The table sys.registry may be enough to get me going (to automate the search for inventory).

For the licenses, I think Oracle will require logging into support, then clicking More, Settings, My Account, and then looking for something called Support Identifier (I haven’t had any luck finding the Support Identifer section yet, though). - update I found that but it was hidden because of a page pulldown covering it.

If you think on SI (Support Identifier) then after login look in upper right corner, and under your login name choose “My account”.

Now tab "settings should be active and you’ll see all yours “Support Identifiers” (you may have several…)

If you need any additional request ask your local administrator … who can do anything with this SI …


Damir Vadas