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Organizing tests into suites


I wonder if it possible to organize tests into suites in a more fine-grained manner than entire packages.

Say for example you have a package with a bunch of procedures that doquite different things. Is it possible to define a test suite whiche.g. tests only reports that are generated by procedures in a fewdifferent packages, but only these particular methods?Currently, it looks like all procedures in a package will be tested - Icannot select what tests will be used for a certain test suite.

If test suites are always on a database package level, it will be veryhard to group tests into related flows, e.g. reporting, record creationetc. Or is there something I have not understood in how test suites aredefined?




You are right. Currently, when you run a suite, it runs all tests in all programs/packages. You cannot select a subset of programs in the package, except by going into that test definition and deactivating unit tests.

Currently within Test Editor you can ask to run a single unit test or single test case, but other than that it is all or nothing.

So - I have added your idea to the ER list. Thanks for the suggestion!

As for wanting to “group tests into related flows”, are you wanting in effect to define tests that have dependencies between one another? That is “test A in package B must run before test C in package D”?

Thanks, SF


Grouping tests with dependencies would of course also be nice, but so far I do not see this as an absolutue requirement. In my opinion it would be more useful to “chain” separate tests into flows.

Say e.g. you want to test that a purchase order can be created and you have already created tests for creation of parts, suppliers, requisitions and so on. Instead of duplicating all the test code that is required for these separate unit tests in the purchase order test , it would be nice to chain them together to form a complete flow.

This would of course imply that the purchase order test would fail if it is not possible to create a supplier, so in reality there is a dependency between them. But I’m not sure that the tool would need to support such a dependency management - in my opinion it would be ok for all the tests to fail in this case.

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