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Out of Memory when merging two large Models


I am trying to merge two large data models and I am getting an Out of Memory Error. I’m using Windows 7 (64 bit) and TDM 4.3.3 It works on my medium sized models but not the large models. I have 8GB of memory and it never gets about 4GB used.

I tried to download the beta but getting a HTTP 404 error on the beta page.

Thanks in advance,



TDM is a 32bit application and cannot use 8GB of memory. There are limits for 32bit processes, see the following discussion:

Toad Data Modeler 5.0 BETA can be downloaded from:

We have been working on optimizations and the new 5.0 will work a bit faster and require less resources during model comparision, however there always will be limits. More information can be found in documentation, in section Help | Synchronization.




I can not find a link to download the TDM Beta at:

I can see the release notes but no link to a download that I can see.

Thanks for the explanation of the memory. I’m hoping that the 5.0 will take a little less resources so that I can merge these to models.

Would it help if I did it in pieces – I.e. only merge the procedures in one run. Then only merge the functions in a second run?



you should see Download BETA button there. See attached screenshot.
Direct link:

RE comparision in pieces: it would help, but there would not be significant difference. We plan to work on much simpler comparision features that should work great for selected scenarios (the current comparision features were developed to cover very complex scenarios).




Thanks for some reason my browers was not displaying image. I was able to download and test but it still is running out of memory.

I am not just looking at the ability to copy a workspace without duplicating the entities.



the Copy Workspace feature will appear in version 5.0. (see screenshot)

Now you can do the following:

  1. Activate/Open existing workspace
  2. Use CTRL+A to select all objects on your WS
  3. Right click any of the selected objects and choose Add into New Workspace.