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Output of compilation of invalid/valid code



If I compile/save a package/function/procedure in the code editor, and it proves to contain mistakes, I get an error in the output window.
If I edit the bug out, and compile/save (CTRL-S) again, the code compiles correctly (“Status: Valid” appears at the bottom of the code editor), but nothing appears in the output window.
Only if I recompile the fixed code I get the familiar “Start Compiling 1 object(s)…End Compiling 1 object(s)” messages in the output window…


To be honest, I’m not sure why that is.
I also tried with 5.5 and it behaves the same way. Does it cause you much trouble?



Not that much, no. Just noticed it…

BTW: I also noticed that when switching between code editors, the output window does not switch - only when executing something in the switched-to code editor window does the output window switch.

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BTW2: Noticed the term “Transaction commited” in the output window. Methinks that should be “Transaction committed”.

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Hi Dominique,

Previous versions behave the same way so we won’t change anything unless it causes issues to the users. The spelling mistake will be corrected. Thanks for pointing it out.