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Output window after error


When you compile a package body, and there is an error, you will see the error messages below the editor window, as well as in the Output window. You fix the bug and compile again, the error message below the editor window goes away, but nothing changes in the Output window, the old error remains. Then if you re-compile again (without changing anything), the successful compile shows in the Output.



Hi Charlie,

Thanks for your feedback.

For what you mentioned, I guess it’s because SQLNavigator didn’t give any information in output window after you save your package body successfully. So what you see are still the old errors which were caused last time.

Without doubt, SQLNavigator should give us some information in output window once we saved an object successfully. In that case, we won’t be confused by the old errors.

I have added your issue into our story.
The story Number: 27326367

If you have any concern, please let us know.

Thanks and regards,


Hi Charlie,

This issue has been fixed aready, it will be avaliable in next beta build, thanks.

In the new change, we added a message shown in output said “package xxx is saved successfully” once you do saving or compiling. Actually it has been applied to every object types, including trigger, procedure, function, package and type.

If any more issues, please let us know, thank you.