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This is a small issue, in 5? when you run a select and the results are “wide” (lots of columns) if you scroll to the right to check a value, then press [F9] to refresh, in 5.? it always put the cursor on the first record but the same column it was in before, 6 puts you back in the first column. So if you are watching for a value to change and it’s off to the right, you have to keep scrolling back to the right.


I agree, this is very annoying and makes the tool less useful.



I have found that using [F5] to refresh rather than [F9] to execute query will accomplish the same. For my purposes, this will work.


In Nav 6.0, most of the settings for data grid will be lost if you rerun the query (F8/F9). Refresh will keep the settings (column width, show/hide column, cursor position)