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Over clause in local tables


I want to complement my SQL Server database with local tables, but I lose “over clause” functionality when I join to the local tables.

How can I still use “over clauses” when I’m joining local tables to my SQL Server database? Thanks!


I am not completely sure about the question but it looks like you like to join SQL server table with the local storage table.

Such query joins data from different data sources and it uses MySql engine to do the job. MySql does not have OVER clause as I know but you could try to accomplish your task by using FIRST_VALUE, LAST_VALUE, LEAD and LAG analytic functions.




Is there a way to put a SQL Server “wrapper” around the join? In other words, let Toad join using MySQL but then query the output using SQL Server functions?


Since you will be enabling a X Query here you may want to look at this article…/Optimize_CrossConnection_Query.htm

You could push the query part for the SQL Server down to SQL Server possibly and still retain the Over function