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Overzealous prompting


Ok, is it me or does nav waaaay over prompt you in cases where no prompting is needed?

For example, if I have

select identifier
from mytable

and I go to give it an alias and type, say “tab” after the table name and then pause, Nav will prompt me with a list of nonsensical database objects.

there are also times when I just click into a sql statement and a list pops up, seemingly randomly.

This is totally annoying. Nav doesn’t seem to understand when to prompt and when not to.



Hi Jet,

This looks like an urgent bug to me. I believe we should fix it for 6.2.



Having said that, I can’t reproduce the second problem (completion popping up on click). The first problem is just because code completion isn’t smart enough to adjust to the context, it will give in most cases the same list (filtered by starting letters). Good news is that you can continue typing while the popup list is displayed, so it shouldn’t cause any problems. I’ll keep watching the second problem though. Could you give us any clues how to reproduce it?



Hi Roman,

Yeah, it’s been doing it for awhile, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to duplicate it.

I believe the two are related in that it just wants to prompt you all the time.

I’ll try to pay more attention to when it happens.

I haven’t been doing as much in Nav lately so…



Ok, try this

paste this into an editor window

WHEN ‘X’ then ‘of course’
WHEN ‘y’ then ‘y’
WHEN ‘z’ THEN ‘x’
END test

FROM dual

Go up to the “null” and change the L to an l ,
click next to “test”,
wait for a few seconds,
you should get prompted.

Hopefully this helps,



Hi Jet,

Thanks for the steps. I can now reproduce the issue. I had a chat with Bruce and we decided to fix it in 6.3 as this is a high risk area.