PA Repository Installation


I installed Toad for Orcle Xpert with the SQL Optimizer Add-On.

I am a heavy Toad user who did my own SQL analysis and tuning manually. To save time ( ) I wanted to leverage use of SQL Optimizer. I have a large issue that support is working on, however I do not have an answer.

During the original installation the PA Repository was not installed, and have been trying to use the PA Repository with the Optimizer.

Now my question. How do I install the PA Repository?

Please help.


PA Repository doesn’t come with the SQL Optimizer. It is from another product called Performance Analysis. This Performance Analysis product has the ability to capture SQL statements sent to a server and also can be set up with a Repository to keep the SQL statements captured.

SQL Optimizer has built-in function to search this repository for SQL to help you find poor-performing SQL to optimizer. However, you will need to install and set up Performance Analysis to capture SQL first.

I am sorry that I am not familiar with the set up of Performance Analysis. However, please do contact your Quest sales representative and I trust that he or she would be able to help you.

Hope this information help.