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When debugging a package (dbl-clicking on package body in obj nav) and there is an error, and you dbl-click on the error number to display the error message, you get a pop-up box with the following message “The Instant Message file, C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Knowledge Xpert\Instant Messages\Oracle\Oracle V10 Server Messages.rvx , was not found, please contact support.”

I don’t have the messages for 10g, only for 9 installed. You do have the option of changing the DB version to 9, and it displays the message, but then the next time you use it, it goes back to trying to find the 10g message.



Nice pickup here Charlie.
the default DB version for KnowledgeXpert message is set to 10 always. I will ask Bernard to check this again for you. SQL Nav should check the version of DB that is currently connected and use the correct library accordingly. We will try to get fix to you soon.



Hi Charlie,

I have managed to reproduce your problem and will resolve this issue in a future Beta build. As a workaround for now, you may wish to consider reinstalling Knowledge Xpert (by running KXpertPLSQLSetup.exe in your main SQL Navigator application folder) with the 10g error messages (selectable during the installation process) to bypass the error message. Thank you for your feedback.