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Package level customizations


In the new 1.5 beta, it’s possible to define package level global variables, or private subprograms in the test package. It can be done in the Test Editor, in the customizations tab of the Properties page. It’s a nice feature. Is there any way to define these package level customizations in the Test Builder? I didn’t find it. It’d be a nice addition.

When I start a new test definition for a package, Test Builder comes up first. And of course if I want to use customizations, I’d have to start with defining those before writing any test cases. Now, I have to do it like this:

  • Click New (test definition) in the dashboard, select the package to test. Test Builder comes up.
  • Save and close the empty package.
  • Open it in the Test Editor, write the customizations.
  • After that, open the Test Builder again to write the test cases.


Sorry, currently the only customizations supported in Test Builder are at the test case, input and outcome levels. You will need to use Test Editor for higher level customization code.