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Package viewer issues



  1. Spec scrip map is not filled [at all]. All Map Options are set, refresh has been clicked.
  2. Body scrip map is filled incorrectly [imho] - I’ve marked only create [I wanted to see only Function … statements]. I tried to limit list by Options, but still there was a lot of if / else.
    In addition - color of only item on map is invalid - only checked option’s position is different.

Packed is valid.



Hi Butter,

Thanks for the post.

  1. If you are talking about package declaration then it’s by design. Only content of package body is displayed.

  2. Actually there is no unambiguous way how to fill it in this case. Probably in future we’ll add Show Control statements option that will determine visibility of all if-else and other control statements. But when it will be off then only top level statements will be displayed. As a more flexible solution you can type CREATE in the Search box. Such way lets you see all particular statements even if they are not on the top level.

About color, if you mean that items that represent functions are not colored with CREATE color then it’s by design as well as these statements are not actually CREATE statements, they are just parts of package CRETAE statement.

Please let us know if you still have any difficulties.


Thanks for reporting the issue. We’ve fixed it, please try next beta.

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I do not have difficulties :). I’m trying to help you make tool more suitable / usable

  1. Imho usage of such solution is very limited. In such approach, what is map for?
  2. Typing Create does not allow me to see procedures / function




  1. We don’t show content of package declaration as it contains only declarations of functions, procedures, etc., so in most cases displaying them in script map will not provide more descriptive representation than you can see in the editor itself.

  2. I suppose we’ll adjust parsing algorithm to consider such statements as CREATE statements when we’ll add Show Control statements option. It will solve this case.

BTW, please ignore Kikis post, it got here accidentally.


Please ignore my post. It is for another thread.