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Page Format - Margins problem


In den Page Format dialogs Margin area the unit is mm. In the Left/Right fields a dialog saying “0 to a maximum of 10” is allowed, in the Top/Bottom fields “0 to a maximum of 2” is shown when a too large value is entered.
In fact the accepted maximums are 9 for Left/Right and 1 for Top/Bottom!
So the restrictions described do not fit and of course the restrictions are much too low in mm units!!!




Hello Andreas,

I can see the size for A4 format is not correct. It is where the problem starts. Did you switch between milimeter and inch units in the past? If so, this problem occurred - it is our bug and we know about it (CR # 58 708). It’s already been fixed for next release.

Regarding the restrictions for margins - they depend on page size and your printer. It should work fine with the fix of problem 58 708.

Thanks very much.