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Panes with Auto Hide do not collapse when no document is loaded

Hello Dell Team,

There is a minor issue that has been around for several versions that I am surprised has not been resolved yet. When a user expands an auto-hidden pane, clicks anywhere on that pane, and then moves off the pane, it does not collapse. If a document is open, clicking in the document will then cause the pane to hide. However, if no document is open, clicking the empty MDI area will not collapse the pane. I have seen this behavior happen with the Object Explorer pane as well as the Output pane. This is a minor issue but is causing a lot of confusion for some of our users. I have not had a chance to check the recent 3.8 beta to see if was resolved there.

Thank you so much for your help with this.



Hi Joe,

Thanks for reporting this issue. We will look at it.


This should be fixed in the latest beta. Please have a look at it. It would also be in the next TDP release.