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parellel package modification looses some script



We have this peculiar probelm.

When one dev guy opens a package and made some modifications, saves it and it compiles correctly

at the same time when another dev guy try to modify the package by adding/modifying some stored procs. and saves it, he gets compilation error.

With the previous dev guys changes lost(the specification remains but the body is vanished)

This looks like concurrency issus(may be i am wrong)
Can we temporarily lock the package till one dev finishes his changes so that the other dev gets all the latest changes before he starts adding/modifing it.

Please treat this as urgent.



Are you using Team coding?
That would “lock” the edition of a object that is being edit



Team Coding would be the best solution to this problem. let us know if you have trouble setting it up.



Hi Gwen,
Thanks for your answer

Well what i am really worried here is Team coding
We are using team foundation server and using team coding will be more time consuming

Isn’t there a simple way to tell other developer to wait until the the first developer finished his work.



I do not know team foundation server but team codding doesn’t imply the use of a version system (external). What it does is checking in a repository (itn one DB user) the check in and check of code the users of SQL Navigator make.
For instance when opening a package you can configure it to automatically try to check out the code…if someone has checked you cannot edit the package.
Very useful! but only works if all the team is using SQL Navigator (or Toad, I think) to edit/change the code. It doesn’t make SQL Nav significantly slower.

Filipe Silva


Unfortunately, there’s no other way. Team coding actually integrates with Team Foundation Server so I don’t think there would be much problem.