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Parser issue with CONNECT BY and START WITH on subquery factoring clause


In, I’m running the query from (***WARNING: RUNNING THAT QUERY ASSUMES YOU’VE LICENSED THE CORRECT ORACLE PACK!***) in the Editor. But the parser complains about the uber-complex format of the subqueries in the WITH clause.

I’ve tried replacing the variables with hard-coded values, but the parser still complains at the end of the WITH clause. The SQL executes fine, however.


Hi Rich,

What parser (or other) message did you get?

I found out that the parser has trouble with queries containing something of the form CONNECT BY NOCYCLE (a > b) by complaining on ambiguous syntax on the START clause. (new issue QP-1733, regression since Mar 3, 2014)


Fixed for one of the next betas.

Yay! Thanks, Andre! I couldn’t find a way to grab the text of the popup error, and the screenshot was way ugly. [:)]


Well, let’s hope it addresses what you meant … If not then at least we made a good step forwards.


Looking good in beta 13! Thanks, Andre!