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Parser: The unknown symbol '


I am trying to add a row to a table, but I am getting an error "Parser: The unknown symbol ’

Test case:

Select * from table where id_number = 1234

I press the Plus sign on the screen in the middle (which should add a row) and the error message pops up.

When I press the (-) button - a new row is added to the interface. We use this feature in nav a lot to modify our data.

  • Please slap your dyslexic programmer!! * - The plus does not add a row, but the minus sign does.



Danger ** This bug is ‘sometimey’ Right after I posted the above issue, I was able to use this to add a row to a different table.


I have been able to successfully use the editor without seeing this error again. Sheesh - maybe I am the dyslexic one that needs to be slapped. Please double check this function works ok.


This error is back. I am not able to use the + sign to add a row to a table.

10:43:33 Parser: The unknown symbol ’


Hi Henry,

Just would like to let you know that we are investigating this issue now, once we get any progress will let you know.

Currently we doubt it was caused by the refresh problem, so can you please do a refresh in the data grid when you have this problem again? Hope that help.

Please let us know how you go, thanks,