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partitially running a script



  1. When partitially running a script (due to highlighting of a code fragment) a very annoying color play of highlighted snippets happens - even for such that are not tagged to execute.
  2. In the example you can see from my screenshot it’s not possible to take back the black market/labeling of this code snippet - whatever I tried. I had to close the tab.

Optimized Explain Plan.txt (7.21 KB)


Hi Andre,

Could you please give a bit of information on this? Can you take a snapshot of what have been highlighted? Did you press F8 or F9?

When you’re on the result tab, it will highlight the associated statement. So a work around is to switch to the Script tab at the bottom of the Code Editor.



Hi Andre,

The black highlighting appears when you switch to a result tab (if the script contains SELECT statements) to indicate which select statement produced the results displayed. To get rid of the highlighting, simply switch back to the Script tab (in the bottom row of tabs).



Hi Roman,

I understand this logic now. That’s fine.

Thank you!