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Partitioned tables available via synonyms are not shown in DB explorer

Beta does not show partitioned tables in DB explorer when they are available via synonyms. The reason is SQL Nav is using the following query to retrieve the list of tabs:

select s.synonym_name||' = "'||t.owner||'"."'||t.table_name||'"', 3 from sys.dba_synonyms s,sys.dba_tables t
where s.owner=:owner and s.table_owner=t.owner and s.table_name=t.table_name and t.partitioned='NO' and ((t.iot_type <> 'IOT_OVERFLOW' or t.iot_type IS NULL) AND t.nested <> 'YES') and s.synonym_name like :filter


  1. user1 owns some tables (some of them partitioned, and some are not partitioned).
  2. user2 has synonyms for user1's tables (and does not own any tables for the sake of this test).
  3. user3 has SELECT ANY TABLE privilege or explicit grants to SELECT user1's tabs.

Log in as user3, go to Other schemas \ user2 \ Tables in DB explorer. You will see non-partitioned tables only.
Now go to Other schemas \ user1 \ Tables. You will see all its tables, including partitioned (those that were not shown on the previous step).