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Partitioned Tables



Maybe you have already this question requst but I coluld not find it.

In DB_explorer que Partitioned Tables are showned separed from the normal tables (as object and store tables

I find that very annoying …
I prefer the DB Navigator where the distinct type are showned by the icon

Could that be a user preference?


  1. drop partition doesn’t work in DB_Explorer but works in DB_Navigator
  2. in db_navigator making refresh when selecting a partitions gives: 18:11:31 Oracle Dictionary: TABLE USR.XPTO_TABLE not found


I have raised an enhancement request for it but we normally try not to create a preference unless absolutely needed.

  1. I can drop a partitioned table without problem. Did you try to drop a table in a different schema?
  2. So you highlighted USR.XPTO_TABLE and selected refresh and it gave you this error?


  1. the table/parttion was in my schema …drop didn’t drop or gave any error
  2. I forgot to say that that error occcured when selected (highlight) it in the db navigator (not in db explorer)



Speaking of partitioned tables, It would be nice that the Quick Browse (F3) would work on the individual partitions in the DB Explorer just like it worked on the DB Navigator (though it didn’t work in subpartitions in the old DB Navigator).

And speaking of the DB Explorer, a how about a different icon to represent Materialized View tables to make them easier to spot?


I will raise an enhancement request for Quick Browse (F3).
I can see that under the Table node, it’s hard to identify Materialized View but there’s also a separate node for Materialized View that you can use.



My 3 request/problems are not fixed in build 1824