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Paste (Cntl-v) several lines to a data grid field doesn't work


Paste (Cntl-v) with newline character (several lines) to a data grid field doesn’t work correctly. It only paste the first line.


Hi Filipe,

In the data grid, the only way you can paste multi lines is to use the cell editor, ie. double click the grid cell to open the cell editor window then past the multi line text.
Hope that it would work for you.

Thanks and regards,


Hi Bruce

I figured that out, but it’s not very user friendly. As it’s not to show the text all concatenated in the grid ignoring the newline char.
I think: that the paste should work with all the text (complete) or should not work at all…so people would use the cell editor.
A cell should display something instead of ignoring the new line char Examples: (…) ,\n or only show the first line with something to tell that there is more stuff (like the …)

Regards and thanks
Filipe Silva


Hi Filipe,

I have raised a CR to fix it. Roman will look into it after v6.5 release. You will have the ability to paste multi line data as well in the data grid cell.

Thanks and regards,