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Patch for BM1166 for Versions 1.2.1 and earlier.



The generated code passed SUCCESS where it should have passed FAILURE, and vice versa.

To install this patch, download and unzip the attached file.

Connect to your Quest Code Tester (aka Qute) schema and compile the qu_generate_bm1166.pkb file.

When you next generate your test package, the exception section should now report results correctly.

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ae_delete_object.vbs (6.21 KB)


Hey Steven

I ran this package body fix qu_generate as the correct user.
I am getting lots of errors starting with

“PLS-00201: identifier ‘C_QUTE_VAR_PREFIX’ must be declared”

codetester version

The trouble is I have now rendered my testing tool useless till I can fix this. Any ideas?

Thanks and Regards

Darren Palmer EDS


Had the same problem yesterday. I reckon that this patch applies only to some earlier release of QCTO. Using Upgrade Repository function resolved the problem.

Vladimir Antropov


Vladimir is correct. Do NOT apply this patch to I will make this clear in that original entry. Sorry about the confusion. Use the Program menu to choose the Administration, Install Code Tester backend to reinstall the backend packages and get rid of this “patch.”