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Pausing the TPC-E transaction mix.


We trying to run benchmark factory to stress databases running in a virtualized environment. We wanted to initiate the TPC-E transaction mix from multiple benchmark factory clients at nearly the same time. Our plan was to let all the data be loaded, pause any other benchmark factory clients which have already completed the loading phase and then start all the TPC-E transaction mix at nearly the same time.

However the “Hold Job” button is always disabled to pause the TPC-E transaction mix and synchronize all the clients.

Any advice will be really helpful.

Thank you.


The “Hold Job” button is used for job scheduling, so can’t be used to pause a job. BMF does not provide a “Pause” feature but there is a couple of ways to do what you need.

The first one and the most straight forward is to divide the TPC-E Creation and the Mix Test into separate jobs. You can then have multiple creation jobs, one for each virtualized database you want to test. Just select and run each creation job. Then after those complete you can the do the same for the Mix test. Again one for each database and just select and run. This will start the jobs at about the same time.

The other a little more complicated way is to add a Execute File step in the job between the create and the mix test. Have this execute notepad and make sure to uncheck the enforce the process timeout. What this will do will start notepad and wait till it closes before going on. When all your jobs have notepad created you can just close all the notepads and all the jobs will continue with the mix test again at about the same time.


Thank you Kevin, I was able to do the required job by separating the jobs.