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PDF Format not available - Logical Model


I am using TDM 3.3 ( Eval version )
I’ve created a Logical Data Model and am trying to create a report and save it in PDF format for distribution.

When I get into the REPORT Menu, I see only ‘HTML’ format.

Can someone help me please?

Thank you



As with any windows program, you can always install a freeware PDF printer driver (such as PrimoPDF) and then when you choose print from any software - you will be able to choose PDF.

I’m just offering this for now as a work around since no one else may be working until next week (after new year).




PDF report (as well as RTF) is available only for physical models at the moment.




Hi again,

Just a quick update - RTF and PDF reports for logical models are planned for next TDM version 3.5.

Thanks for your patience.