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Peformance Issues?


Ok, is it just me, or has performance gone way down in the last two versions?

For example, it took over a minute to bring up 6 rows after pressing F3 on a table in the navigator.

Also, why does it take a similar amount of time to generate DDL for a table? I just shouldn’t take this long.



Hi Jet,

We could not reproduce the performance issues as you reported yet.

We have tested with a number of DBs (some are remote/off site), extract DDL and quick browse data on table node all run quickly.

Anyone else has experience the same issue? Please let us know.

Thanks and regards,


I’m seeing a number of performance issues. When I expand functions, procedures, … for example, it sits at expanding… until I hit refresh in the pane at which case it shows the functions. On extract DDL, I’ve had it take as long as a minute to pop up a simple 5 column temp table. It’s hard to do any sort of performance testing since the query times are unpredictable. I’m testing today on a different database and will see if I hit the same performance issues.

Rgds/Mark M.